Quotes From Huck Finn

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This quote introduces Junior into the book as afraid and lonely. It shows that some people are hesitant of the outside world because of how badly people can treat others. This statement allowed me to learn about Junior’s interests and feelings about life. The information provided in this quote suggests to me that throughout the book Junior will be timid of people. When the author uses the term “outside”, it can indicate that Junior will have to experience different places throughout his story. In addition, the use of the word “kid” to describe Junior can imply that he will have to mature throughout the book.
The phrasing of this quotation allowed me to infer that Junior believes that he cannot accomplish the same goals as kids outside of the …show more content…

Junior believes that since Roger was a football player he would treat him poorly. The use of the phrase “couldn’t believe” shows that people can be different than how they are categorized. This statement represents Junior’s realization that a certain group does not define a person. It suggests that Junior will become friends with people from different social groups.
It is presented in this quote that hesitation should not stop a person from trying new things. The word “humiliation” suggests that people are often judged by their success in activities. This is a point in the book where Junior begins to conquer his fear and doubt about his abilities. The word “almost” indicates that Junior did try out for the team and performed well. This suggests that Junior will overcome more of his fears.
Junior admired his grandmother’s compassion in her last moments. Junior was very distraught about his grandmother’s death because she was a very good influence in his life. This shows how often people are angry and unkind about a situation that they cannot change. The use of the word “call” suggests that Junior’s grandmother did not want her family to be upset over her death. This statement shows that Junior may have to show forgiveness in the

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