A Raisin In The Sun Character Analysis

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“The ways in which the characters in Lorraine Hansberry’s play, A raisin in the sun, are affected by racial imbalances and respond to the injustices engendered by such inequities are solely influenced by their gender.” I agree with this statement to an extent. Although it is correct that gender plays a big role in this play, there are other factors to consider. Context: A Raisin in the Sun was an innovative play for its era. Lorraine Hansberry produces in the Younger household one of the first authentic portrayals of a black household on an American stage, in an era where primarily black spectators just didn’t exist. African-American characters, typically minor and comedic, mostly hired racial stereotypes before this play. Lorraine Hansberry, nevertheless, displays a whole black household in an authentic view, one that is unbecoming and anything but comedic. She makes use of black dialect all through the play and raises significant concerns and struggles, for instance poverty, bigotry and racism. Theme: The Need to Fight Racial Discrimination The character of Mr. Lindner marks the topic of racial prejudice blatant in the narrative as a problem that the Youngers are not able to elude. Mr. Lindner and the individuals he signifies can only look at the colour of the Younger relative’s skin, and his suggestion to persuade the Youngers to stop them from relocating threatens to destroy the Younger household and the principles for which it rests. In the long run, the Youngers react

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