A Summary Of Mack's Relationship

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The second example of a relationship is when Mack goes to Doc and ask if he need any animals collected and when Doc questions why Mack tells him that it is so the him and the boys will have some money. Doc finally tells Mack that he need around three or four hundred frog and that he will pay them a nickel for each: “Mack said, “Doc, you got any need for any kind of animals now?” Doc sighed with relief, “Why?” he asked guardedly. Mack became open and confidential. “I’ll tell you, Doc. I and the boys got to get some dough — we simply got to. It’s for a good purpose, you might say a worthy cause.”… I and the boys thought if you needed something why we’d get it for you and that way we could make a little piece of change. ”… “I could use three or…show more content…
“I’ll tell you what I’ll do,” he said. “I’ll give you a note to my gas station so you can get ten gallons of gas. How will that be?” Mack smiled. “Fine,” he said. “That will work out just fine. I and the boys will get an early start tomorrow... Doc went to the labeling desk and wrote a note to Red Williams at the gas station, authorizing the issue of ten gallons of gasoline to Mack.... “Doc,” he said, “you can get to sleep tonight and not even give frogs a thought. We’ll have piss pots full of them by the time you get back.” (Cannery) In this quote from the novel you are able to see two different types of relationships twice. When Mack comes to Doc wanting to know if he needs any animals collected he does it as a friendly gesture because he knows Doc does because of the profession he is in. When Doc tell him that he could gather him some frogs and Mack ask if the price is still the same and Doc assures him that it is, the relationship then switched into a business relationship. The business relationship is seen once again when Mack ask if Doc can make an advance payment of two or three dollars so they can get gas, Doc says that he cannot because of the one time he was done wrong. In the same part of the quote the friend
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