Synoptic Gospels: The Miracle Maker

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A synoptic gospel, according to, used chiefly in reference to the first three Gospels (synoptic Gospels) Matthew, Mark, and Luke, from their similarity in content, order, and statement. In the movie, The Miracle Maker, each of the synoptic gospels, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, were written with a different goal, a different audience, and their emphasis were different from one another. Nevertheless, the gospels were put together in order to present a similar story with similar incidents of the story of Jesus to make the Miracle Maker. The synoptic gospels, contain similar parts, especially their portrayal of Jesus. In all three gospels, Jesus is a teacher who provides advice on spirituality and accepting God’s will. He chose twelve disciples to whom he gives special parables; meant to teach them. Jesus is a miracle maker who heals the ill and fights off the Devil’s temptations. In the Old Testament, he is the Messiah and tells the good grace in Galilee and Judea. Finally, in all three, Jesus partakes in the Last Supper, is betrayed by Judas, and deserted by Peter while in captivity and is crucified, only to be resurrected. Despite the fact that the gospels told a similar story, there are small differences between them. In Mark,…show more content…
For example, Luke portrays Mary and Joseph as the parents of the child (Luke 2:6-7). Jesus is described as being in his thirties when he begins his ministry. Then he is endures temptations, similar to the ones in Matthew, while wandering the wilderness by the devil. Even though Matthew and Luke are similar, throughout the gospel, the unfortunate and “captives” are the main focus. Where in Matthew conflict is the main language, Luke is healing and acceptance of those who are hindered. Luke is the gospel full of “glorifying God”, while Matthew is filled with the glaze of

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