Abigail Adams Dbq Essay

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oving mother, and wife of former President John Adams, Abigail Adams writes a letter to her son during his trip to France. The purpose she conveyed to her son consists of urging him to take advantage of the trip so he can deepen his learning of the language and culture. She utilizes a troubled tone to encourage the proper and beneficial actions of her son, John Quincy Adams. Adams begins her letter to John Quincy by displaying her concerns with his activities and schemes, for she wishes he will use the voyage to his learning advantage. Adams applies an ad hominem by arguing to her son that if “[he] were capable of judging what was most for [his] own benefit, [she] should not have urged [him] to accompany...the voyage” (line 5-7), which places a direct argument on John and his effective decision making. Adams also writes that she hopes John Quincy will not “give [her] reason to lament” (line 11), her urging of the voyage upon him because she seems to have reasons to believe otherwise. Abigail uses arguing against her son’s ideas in order to enlighten John Quincy on her frets and to persuade him to follow a path of advantage instead of wasted time. The …show more content…

Adams exercises these allusions to reveal that even the greatest figures overcame struggles, chose the road of learning and advancement, and avoided wasting time on foolish acts. “The habits of a vigorous mind are formed in contending with difficulties” (line 34-35), reveals how Abigail longs for the success of her son and how she’s promoting avoiding insubordinate acts, and insisting on conquering obstacles. Abigail incorporates advising by Cicero in order to establish the importance of developing character and greatness, to pass down to generations to come. Referring to these allusions and how they can help, Abigail conveys wisdom and credibility to John Quincy, hoping to assist his mature

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