Abigail Williams Is Wrong Essay

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It's crazy what love can get you to do for someone. Abigail Williams did, and has said many things that caused significant problems to many people. She made a decision to continue to lie, rather than tell the truth. She had lied, pretended, and caused many deaths. Abigail did the wrong thing and acted incorrectly by not only lying and pretending but for being responsible for many deaths and for stealing money and running away to avoid the punishment after all the problems she has done. Abigail made the wrong decision to want to execute Elizabeth and then accused her for witchcraft to be with John Proctor. Her accusing Elizabeth was the start of everything before it got even worse. For instance Elizabeth says, “I am accused?” “John with so many in jail, more than Cheever’s help is needed now, I think. Would you favor me with this? Go to Abigail.” (Miller 66). Abigail shows how she is desperate to be with Proctor without Elizabeth. Elizabeth knew about the affair they had and wanted to get rid of Abigail but she ended up accusing her so that she can have Proctor for herself. It led to Elizabeth being arrested and almost to execution. This is how it all started before she did many more tragic things for others. …show more content…

Mary Warren testified that she was lying about witchcraft so Abigail continues to lie and manipulate them. She says, “ pointing upward: The wings! Her wings are spreading! Mary, please, don’t, don’t—!” (Miller 120). Abigail is manipulating everyone by saying she sees a bird when she doesn't. She continues to lie so that she can protect herself like before with everyone else. Because of her actions, she killed many innocent people. “Ninety-one” people were executed because of her and the only reason they were executed was because they accused her of lying. So now that Mary Warren accused her of lying, Abigail is doing the same thing she did with the others. Lie, pretend, and

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