Abuelito Who Poem Theme

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Every so often, we take for granted those who are important in our lives. Sometimes, we can ignore those who we think will always be there. The fact it, one day, they won’t. The poem “Abuelito Who” by Sandra Cisneros and the folktale “The Old Grandfather and His Little Grandson” retold by Leo Tolstoy are two examples of this important lesson. However their different genres, change in characters, and mood give a contrasting interpretation of their essential message. “Abuelito Who.” is a thought provoking poem. The fact that it is a poem, gives a special dynamic to the lesson it teaches. “Abuelito who throws coins like rain and asks who loves him” (Sandra Cisneros pg.79). This quote suggests that Abuelito is tired and worn out and has nobody …show more content…

“The Old Grandfather and His Little Grandson” is a Russian folktale as opposed to a poem. The folktale adds a storytelling approach and the lesson is more clear. This is contrary to the poem where it might have taken some thinking to figure out the theme. The mood of this folktale is certainly less emotional and depressing. “The Old Grandfather and His Little Grandson” actually gives more of a joyous and cheerful change of attitude towards the end of the story. The change in characters in this story actually lead to the ending being settled and content. The grandson’s parents were feeding Grandfather from a wooden dish. Grandson sees how poorly the parents are treating Grandfather. “His father asked him, ‘What are you making, Misha?’ The little grandson said ‘I’m making a wooden bucket. When you and Mamma get old, I’ll feed you from this wooden dish.’” By then, the parents had realized that the way they were treating Grandfather was extremely disrespectful, and they were very ashamed. The parents changed their ways, and learned to be kind to him, and take care of him. The mood of this folktale is more about realization and changing your ways as controverting the poem’s mood. When reading this folktale, you feel upset for Grandfather at first, but towards the end, the mood is comforting and soothing knowing that Grandfather is going to be okay, and treated

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