Abuse Of Political Power In Jin Ha's Saboteur

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In Jin Ha’s short story “Saboteur”, a man named Mr. Chiu is wrongfully accused of a crime he did not commit and is unreasonably punished. He is imprisoned unjustly and is forced to admit his wrongdoing, but he maintains his innocence and refuses to take part in the police department’s deceit. Eventually the police department’s lies and cruelty drives Mr. Chiu to seek revenge. Ha develops characterization through the use of methods of characterization, character traits, and the significance of the character 's traits to illustrate how the abuse of political power ultimately leads to the deterioration of humanity in a person. Ha utilizes the method of characterization to demonstrate how the abuse of political power leads to insurgence. Mr. Chiu …show more content…

Mr. Chiu is a dynamic character. He changes drastically throughout the course of the story. “ Comrade policeman it is your duty to keep order but you purposely tortured us common citizens. Why violate the law you are suppose to enforce?” (Ha 469) In the commencement of the story Mr.Chiu is a devoted law abiding citizen. He recognizes that the duty of law enforcement is to not only enforce the law for others but it is also to abide by the laws they are there to enforce. Furthermore, He also believes that the police force are harming the citizens by not obeying the law. “He[Mr. Chiu] has trusted that those with authority will operate morally and will honor, even revere, the truth, values he upholds as well.” (general 239) Those in authority are corrupt and Mr.Chiu attempts to use logic and reason with them. He is still a law abiding citizen but his frustration causes him to grow impatient with those in charge. “ Now you can admit you are guilty,” the chief said[...] “We won’t punish you severely provided you write a self-criticism[...] Mr. Chiu cried. “ I won’t write a word because I am innocent.”(Ha 472) Mr. Chiu still believes that his plead of innocence will help him win his freedom. He does not realize that he is not in a place of influence or power to sway their decision. His complaints have no impact on those in charge of him. “If he were able to, he would have razed the entire police station and eliminated all their families.”(Ha 476-477) Mr. Chiu has become a truly changed man. His eyes are now open to how corruption is a driving force in the government. He realizes that he must surrender to the corrupted government. In doing this Mr. Chiu changes from a law abiding citizen who does everything for the common good to a nuisance to society. “In showing Mr. Chiu that his trust in his nation 's law enforcement is misplaced, the chief

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