Accuracy: Teaching For Change

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Teaching for Change
For information to be considered accurate it must be clear, concise, unbiased and have sources cited. The Teaching for Change website clearly states the mission of the organization, which is to build a social justice society that starts in the classroom. The organization information is unbiased because it is not just based on opinion, but research has been completed on the benefits of social justice taught in schools and multicultural education. The website also has a section entitled “why we do it” which cites sources to explain the purpose of the organization, and how they decided their lesson plans and activities.


The National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty’s website has an accuracy disclaimer. …show more content…

People interested in teaching social justice issues could use this website as a resource. Teachers and parents who need ideas for activities, books and lesson plans could use this website. Librarians could find multicultural books for all ages to incorporate in the school library. Also, principals could use this website to find professional development idea focused on teaching social justice and multicultural education.


This website was created to promote the ending and prevention of homelessness. Anyone interested in this topic could use this website as a resource, or just a way to gain more knowledge. Specific people who could find this website useful are homelessness advocates, policymakers, people who are homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless. Advocates could use this website for reports on homelessness and prevention, and for resources that can help them advocate for people. Policymakers can use the website to receive information on the legal aspect of homelessness. People that are homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless can use the website for find more information about options or who they can contact for …show more content…

Teaching for Change advocates for teaching social justice issues inside of the classroom to create a social justice conscious society. Social justice issues that the website suggest to teach are the civil rights movement, Central American heritage that is often left out books and the history of Haiti and why it is one of the poorest countries. The purpose of teaching these ideas is to teach children true history, and become social change agents. Overall, this is a great website for resources on how to teach multicultural education that address social justice

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