Advantages And Disadvantages Of Comrrespondence Theory

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Written Assignment Unit Seven
Introduction to Philosophy
BUS 1402

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Identify and discuss the main features of Correspondence Theory. What are its major strengths and weaknesses?
It has been shown that philosophy is the act of wondering or questioning as to come out with a conclusion with different problems that trouble the humankind. One of the hottest concepts or a matter of discussion in the field of philosophy is that of “truth.” Several theories tried to explain it including the Pragmatic Theory and Correspondence theory; however they are all agree that talking about the truth is a very difficult topic to be discussed about. In this paper, I am going to explore the concept of truth in the light of the Correspondence Theory by identifying its major strengths and weaknesses.
The correspondence theory is the one that most people would more likely rely on or agree about, but it contains plenty of problems or non-answered questions. According to Pecorino (2000) “The theory is based on the belief that a proposition is true when it conforms to some fact or state of affairs. While this theory properly emphasizes the notion that propositions are true when they correspond to reality, its proponents often have difficulty explaining what facts are and how propositions are related to them.”
What do you find appealing or discouraging about Coherence Theory?
One of the main features of this theory is that "truth” consists

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