Why Is Classical Theory Classical?

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Sologoligist is about learning difference theories and thinking in difference ways. Looking at the bigger picture which becomes into a smaller picture just like social problems. The foundation of what sociology was build can all point to three European men Marx, Weber, and Durkheim the classics. If it anyone who sociologists build a foundation from its these men. In the article "Why is classical theory Classical? Connell, R.W 1997 questions the authentics of this foundation. "Sociology" who was "founded" by Marx, Weber, and Durkheim Connell questions them by calling "Sociology itself, insofar as it ceases to be purely descriptive and aspire to account for facts" (Connell, 1997,1523) Connell refers to the imperial glaze to sociology. The fathers …show more content…

The were white rich high-class European men with time on their hands to write. Not only this, but the founding father thought them as superior and other as subordinates. In the article, this is referred as the"difference between the metropole and the primitive "(Connell 1997, 1535). Connell brings up the imperial glaze because it relates to their ideas in the social context of their relative. Sociology should be based on the social realized of the time. For instance, the sociologists should not assume the "history" of society based on the founding father perceptive because of the imperial glaze. Instead, the imperial glaze should be taken into account as well. Why a certain theory might be the way it is due to the imperial glaze or any glaze during the time it was written. Connell takes into account the internal bias and the outcomes it has had throughout history. The founding fathers"present in realistic contexts and proportions, not as shadowy giants at the limit of vision." (Connell 1997,1547). Just like, many other theories it has "limit of vision" sociology should take into account. Just like in sociology, where things are not what they seem the same goes for the foundation of sociology should be questioned. Only three white men are Canonization for sociology and taught all around the world forgetting about other great minds in history. Instead The full range of intellectuals who produced "theories of society" can be recovered for this history. (Connell 1997, 1546). Just like in all society Connell reminds to keeping questioning and even in between our own college

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