Adversity In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Most people in their lifetime have been challenged by the face of adversity. Society regards this face in many ways: a horrendous destructor of tranquility and happiness or, perhaps in hindsight, a firm hand of change that brings the gift of wisdom. The ever popular expression of adversity is the proverbial wall people must climb over to reach new chapters of life, unknowing of the incredible strength they have acquired steadily gaining height. The inspiring force of the heroes who have overcome these challenges embolden others who witness it, bringing courage to more people going through tough times. This holds true in many areas, fictional and real. Just as real people fight and struggle to overcome this “wall”, authors like Arthur Miller …show more content…

For example, in The Crucible by Arthur Miller, a character John Proctor is stared down by his mistakes. Proctor committed the sin of adultery with his former servant Abigail and is haunted by it in the face of his mistrusting wife and lustful expression of Abigail. His most valued principles of honesty and hypocrisy are thrown into question because of a mistake he regrets until the end of his life. Towards the end of the book on pages 102 and 103, Proctor confesses his hidden sin to the court to save his wife from the bloodstained gallows. In a secular government, this wouldn’t amount to much, but in theoretical Salem, it’s as good as confessing to God. If Proctor didn’t have to deal with the immense adversity of the Salem Witch Trials, he probably wouldn’t have confessed to God, ending his turmoil and regaining his honesty. Proof of his development occurs when he rips apart his false confession of witchery and faces the gallows with dignity, knowing deep within his heart that he has his “goodness” (Miller …show more content…

Examples of authentic adversity can be seen throughout history, a remarkable one being the period of hardships women in the United States had to endure during World War I. This rough period led to a movement that knocked on the door of change and demanded its company. The movement mentioned is the Women’s Rights Movement. During World War I, the men of the country left to fight in the war, leaving the women to take on the roles that they had left behind. These shoes were not easy to fill but they rose to the challenge and conquered it. When the men came back, the women went back to their less supportive jobs and positions at home; however, the spark had been ignited. This spark was nurtured by the best of nature and carried all the way to a powerful fire roaring for equality. Thanks to adversity and the willingness to master it, women were made relentless in their cause and created results that changed the course of American history. Today, American women have the support of the Women’s Right Act because of these impressive

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