Adversity In The Scarlet Ibis

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Special treatment due to a physical or mental challenge reveals the strength and true character inside, When a challenge, or adversity comes up, a good character is usually revealed, although in some cases a person isn’t caring or selfless inside. Adversity can cause the bad inside someone to come out. In “The Scarlet Ibis,” the narrator teaches his physically disabled brother to walk. “Once I succeeded in teaching Doodle I began to believe in my own infallibility, and I prepared a terrific development program for him, unknown to Mama and Daddy of course” (Scarlet Ibis, Hurst). After succeeding he keeps trying to get Doodle to be more like everyone else. if Doodle was able to do what everyone else could do then the narrator wouldn’t be ashamed …show more content…

In the TED talk by Tan Le, she starts her life in America very poorly and is bullied because of her race and was not being accepted, along with that people didn 't not believe she will be able to accomplish much. “I will bypass you” (Tan Le). She is persistent in what she is doing and doesn’t allow others to bring her down. She doesn’t listen when people told her to go home or weren’t confident in her succeeding. Eventually with great persistence she was able to get a great opportunity that led to her success. Her persistence paid off and allowed her to achieve many things no one would have thought possible for her at the time. Another example of persistence being revealed is in the TED talk by Aimee mullins. Aimee Mullins didn’t enjoy having physical therapy when she was 5, but her doctor later found a way for her to enjoy it. Aimee Mullins persisted through her physical therapy which eventually led to her success as an athlete. If she had given up she never would have accomplished what she does now. NO matter how much of a pain it was for her, she kept going and don 't’ give up. Persistence may be difficult at the time to accomplish, but in the end it pays off. After Aimee Mullins had gone through what she did, she was still disabled but it wasn’t difficult for her to do what everyone else could do. This experience for her not only taught her hat she was very persistant and a hard worker, but also taught her that it didn’t matter whether or not she was disabled or not, she could do whatever she wanted to as long as you keep trying to achieve your

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