History Of The African-American Civil Rights Movement

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The life of Black people nowadays in America differs substantially from that of Blacks in the past. When black people first arrived in America, they did not have any rights. However, in the process of acquisition of rights, Black people experienced many movement such as American Civil War, and Civil Rights Act. As a result, their life was improved and gained more rights, liberty, and happiness through long history. When the colonial period of America began in 1619, slavery had started at colonial Jamestown and Virginia ("Slavery in America" from History.com). Slaves were brought from Africa to support plantation-agriculture, which is large-scale farming of cotton, coffee, tobacco, and rubber. At the time, the government did not protect …show more content…

Even though such law was created, there were still many racists in America. For example, only because some of the doctors were racist, they rejected to cure Black people and many of them suffered from health problems. The state governments arranged public facility for white and black people so that they had to use different bathrooms, restaurants, trains, and so on. Also, Black children couldn’t attend school with White children. As a result, African-American Civil Rights Movement had begun in the 1950s. In this movement, Black people demanded their civil rights and elimination of racism. Martin Luther King, Jr. who is one of the leaders of African-American Civil Rights Movement did a great work during this movement. He proposed the movement is a doctrine of nonviolence and Black people claimed their civil rights without any violence. Around 1960s, many people who disagreed with racism participated in sit-in protests at public facilities which were only for White people. By doing this strike, some public facilities stopped segregation, and many people understood how acute the racism was in America. ("The Sit-In Movement" from U.S. History.org) In 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke to public in front of the Lincoln Memorial. The name of the speech was “I Have a Dream”. He argued that Black people should have rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. In one part of his speech, he claimed …show more content…

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