Aileen Wuornos: Serial Killer In The State Florida

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Abstract Aileen was a convicted serial killer in the state Florida. She had a very rough start to her life with both parents being absent during her growing up years. During Aileen’s teenage years she was very promiscuous and she committed small petty crimes. Also, during this time Aileen lost her grandmother, and then her grandfather kicked her and her brother Keith out of his home. It was also during this hard tough time she lost her brother to throat cancer. This led Aileen to hitchhike to Florida and to earn money along the way she working as a prostitute. When Aileen arrived in Florida she met her best friend Tyria at a lesbian bar. The first male to pick her was Aileen first victim and from there she killed six other men. Aileen Wuornos was a Serial Killer convicted in Florida for …show more content…

“The car in which Aileen Wuornos and Tyria Moore crashed in Orange Springs, Florida due to Aileen and Tyra being engaged in a very heated argument. Aileen and Tyra left the scene of the crash.” ( A witness Rhonda Bailey was sitting on her porch at the time and saw the accident happen. When the police investigated the vehicle there were bloodstains all over the interior. The vehicle that Wuornos and Moore were driving belonged to a missing 67-year-old male a retired merchant seaman. They believe this was her fourth victim named Perter Siems; Peter Siems was last seen on the June 7, 1990. Her fifth victim was Eugene Burress, who was a delivery truck driver and failed to complete his delivery route on the July 30, 1990. His delivery truck was found abandoned the next day and his body was discovered by a picnicking family on the August 4, 1990, in the Ocala National Forest. He again had been shot by Aileen Wuornos twice with a .22 caliber

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