The First Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos

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In the sunshine state of Florida, between the years 1989 and1990 seven men were mysteriously murdered. These killings were later found to be the work of a female prostitute, who would find her victims through hitch hiking along Florida’s Highways. She caused the entire state of Florida to be on edge, and it was terrifying for the families of the seven victims. Local law enforcement were stunned by these incidents, and would do everything in their power to solve these cases. The killer who became the first female serial killer, fitting FBI’s profile was Aileen Wuornos. Aileen Wuornos was born in Rochester, Michigan to a young mother named Diane Pittman on February 29, 1956. Her father Leo Dale Pittman was enlisted in the army when Aileen …show more content…

She was constantly running away, experimenting with drugs, and her temper tantrums would scare away her friends. With her constant sexual activity, Aileen gets pregnant at the age of 14. Once her grandparents found out, they sent her away to deliver the baby and give it up for adoption. Soon after she returns home her grandmother passes away, and her grandfather who has had enough of Aileen and Keith’s troubled activities kicks them both out of the house. Even though they both left at the same time, Keith decided to stay with some friends, while Aileen started her journey of street …show more content…

Once Tyria was found and she could not be tied to the killings, police asked her to support them in getting a confession out of Aileen. With Tyria’s assistance, the police was able to receive a confession and charged Aileen with six counts of murder. A year after her arrest, Aileen went to trial for the murder of the first victim, Richard Mallony. Aileen who was the only witness to testify for her own case, was devastated to see Tyria take the stand against her. The only constant in her life and the only person she would later state she killed for, did not even have eye contact with her at court. On January 27th, the jury found Aileen guilty of fist degree murder, and on January 31st, she was sentenced to

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