Alcee Alternate Ending

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Alcee which was not a good thing. Her friend AdèleRatignolle began to convince her back to her normal way of living, since she thought Edna was going out of hand such as cheating on another man and leaving her children behind. Edna didn’t listen to anyone who told her what to do or anyone who tried to stop her. I believe that she could have taken the advice from Adèle since she was getting out of hand. Yes it's a great thing to not worry about what people think of you, but when you see there advice as being ridiculous or incorrect displays you need some type of help. Farther into her awakening more people began to be uneasy with her, especially Léonce who was afraid of everyone knowing what Edna did because it affects his reputation in …show more content…

He tried communicating with her but she refused because she didn’t want to live or remember that prison like life. When Robert came back from his trip to Mexico Edna thought deeply into what Robert was doing to her and she realized that Robert wasn't what Edna thought he’d be, turns out he was just like every other man she despised and she didn’t want to be another man’s possession when Robert fantasized about getting married with her. She tells him When she began to speculate how differently he acted she became to be depressed in some way where she would have no interaction with the outside world. She says “I am no longer one of Mr. Pontellier’s possessions to dispose of or not... If he were to say, ‘Here Robert, take her and be happy; she is yours,’ I should laugh at both of you. Robert was surprised by what Edna said what she feels about him and dismayed by the disregard it expresses for him and his needs. She found out that Robert was no one special and ended up being like her “husband” Léonce. She was trapped, shackled by society and its expectations and the providers of these shackles are not the men but the boys. Edna had no escape for any of this since what just happened to her, it made no difference to her if she did anything different and she’ll never feel true

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