Ambition Of Humanity In Macbeth

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Franz Kafka, a novelist, once stated that, "A book is an ax for the frozen sea within." The quote compares the human condition to that of a frozen sea, and literature as the axe that breaks through and unlocks it. Literature is something that should cause individuals to learn more about themselves through books that express strong messages about humanity. Powerful messages that the reader recognizes are messages that invoke thinking from the reader, otherwise it would be impact less. This is why it is important to read books that has as much impact as an axe on a frozen sea; so much so that it causes the frozen sea to break. In the stories: Life of Pi, Night, and the play Macbeth, written by Yann Martel, Elie Wiesel, and William Shakespeare respectively, the human condition is exposed to the reader. It shows them the different aspects that composes humanity. In Life of Pi many scenarios occur that drive the …show more content…

Macbeth, assassinating the King in order to gain power, utilizes his power to manipulate and influence those around him for his own benefit. The play demonstrates how within all of humanity, the selfish search for power and control is present. Macbeth has an ambition that overpowers his morals which demonstrates how corrupted a leader with that view can be. Macbeth provided me with the reflection of my own ambitions and to what extent they are at. Being a senior high school student applying to a university, competition is inevitable, but to what extent am I willing to satisfy my ambition remains in question. Extreme cases would involve more serious and savage methods of approaching the competitiveness but keeping my ambitions in check and placing more value in my morals allows me to approach the competitiveness in a civil manner. The mistakes that Macbeth caused through his excessive ambition causes readers to acknowledge their own levels of ambition to avoid the same fate Macbeth

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