American Revolution Dbq Essay

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During the 1760s the British Parliament decided to pass many laws and taxes on the American Colonists. They did this because they were in debt from the French and Indian War. The colonists did not like these laws and created conflict with Great Britain. This conflict is what started the American Revolution. The American Colonists protested against the laws they thought were unfair. One of the taxes that were passed was the Tea Act. The Tea Act was enacted in 1773, and put a tax on all tea (Doc 3). The tax was made to help the East India Tea Company, because they played a huge part in the British’s overall, and were struggling (Doc 3). The colonists didn’t like this tax. They felt that it was unfair, and they didn't have anyone to represent them in making the choice (Doc 1). The British parliament made this law without asking them if they were okay with it, meaning they didn't have any representation in the taxation (Doc 1). One way the colonists protested this law was by buying smuggled tea, which hurt the East India Tea Company (Doc 3). They also sent away ships carrying tea without letting them offload their cargo (Doc 5). The colonists would also send petitions to the parliament about how they thought the Tea Act was unfair (OI). The Tea Act actually lowered the price of tea, but the colonists …show more content…

On December 16, 1773 a group of men (some were dressed as Native Americans) made their way to the Boston Harbor (Doc 5). They climbed aboard the ships, smashed them open, and then dumped them into the Boston Harbor (Doc 5). Over $1,000,000 of tea was dumped into the water (OI). These men were called the “Sons of Liberty” (OI). Sam Adams was a part of this group, and helped organize the Boston Tea Party (OI). The Boston Tea Party caused a lot of Property Damage, and made the British Parliament very mad (Doc 5). The Boston Tea Party was a way that American Colonists protested the Tea

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