An Analysis Of Vince Brewton's Article 'Bold Defiance Took Place'

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In Vince Brewton's article "'Bold defiance took its place': 'Respect' and Self-Making in Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave," it argues Douglass status as a slave. Brewton feels that the whipping of Hester made Douglass open his eyes about his slave status and wanting to change it. The article in some type of way is really about superiority, many of the slave owners wanted the slaves to know that they didn’t have any power and that the owners were superior. The worthiness of a slave and respect was crucial. This article spoke highly on culture, respect and opinions from the scenes in the narrative. Respect is when one receives power. Respect from a slave to his master was a major big deal back in the slavery days and was often taken seriously. Masters wanted respect from their slaves because they had the power to do that, they held a higher position and the leadership to do it. I think Vince Brewton’s is trying to say that Douglass didn’t have receive enough respect as an African American slave, none of them did. Vince Brewton thinks Douglass wants to put an end to how he was treated as a slave because he wants self respect. Douglass wanted to create a new identity for himself after witnessing some of the events in his life. I agree with Vince Brewton’s viewpoint that Aunt Hester had one of the major …show more content…

Masters basically taught their slaves that they didn’t have any worth and humanity, that’s how he was raised as a slave, to be less than what he is. As a young slave he didn’t know much and that was normal. Masters wanted slaves not to know much of their status so they was quite clueless. Masters kept the slaves clueless so that they wouldn’t stand up for themselves. Slave owners wanted the slaves to know that in fact they were very to the slaves. Brewton points

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