Analysis: Can Death Be Represented As A Person?

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Can death be represented as a person?
Or maybe something dark in color representing death instead, like storm clouds or a crow or a black rose
Something beautiful (but still dark) so death isn’t gruesome or scary but something to be welcomed
If something is beautiful, can it really be bad?

Can death be represented as two people? angel vs. grim reaper??
Or maybe heaven and hell aren’t the extreme opposites that we make them out to be

Can something bright represent death?
A sunset or a bee or something
By using something to show that death is no different from life, are we confronting the idea of death or are we deflecting it?
Can anything accurately represent death?

Juxtaposition of light opposing dark, a decision to make
Choose heaven …show more content…

Light & dark/heaven & hell fighting over the person, like tug of war
Sometimes fighting, sometimes working together

Or is it possible that heaven is the scarier image of death? like something that looks appealing but only from a distance

or maybe no afterlife? just the earth (A sunset or a bee or something)
It’s just something that happens and there isn’t a special ceremony for the afterlife because there is no afterlife,
Everyone dies and it isn’t sad; it isn’t happy, but it isn’t sad. because death isn’t any more special than brushing your teeth.

If a person dies believing there is no afterlife only to “awaken” to find themselves not in a heaven or a hell but still somewhere that isn’t earth where are they?

If a person dies believing there is no afterlife, what afterlife will they be sent to?
How can we know what an afterlife looks like if we haven’t been there?
How can we explain death without experiencing it?

Are heaven and hell just ideas constructed by man to create a false sense of comfort?

If god is not waiting at the gates of heaven,
And there is no devil in the fiery pits of hell, then
Death is nothing to be feared, there is no judgment and there is nothing

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