Analysis Of Anthem By Ayn Rand

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Anthem Essay Equality 4-2521 in the book Anthem by Ayn Rand ensured his freedom and victory by concealing his find of the tunnel from the unmentionable times. There were many factors that fed into this victory such as stealing the manuscripts for the House of the Scholars, introducing his discoveries to the House of the Scholars, and choosing his own name later in the book. These ideas introduce a rebellion by Equality 4-2521 or later known as Prometheus that helps him break free from the communist society and shows him the great things that can be done as an individual and not as part of a whole. Also, Equality 4-2521 had conflicting emotions because he wanted to help his brothers but when he refused to tell the council about where he was when he arrived late to the House of the Street Sweepers and running into the forest for his own safety not for those of his ‘brothers’ he realized that the council was wrong. This conflict was a struggle for Equality since he wanted to help his brothers however when they denied his help he concluded that they are wrong and are not worth the effort. Prometheus (Equality 4-2521) only ever wanted to assist his brothers in improving their society but after everything he went through he understood that they didn’t want anything to change even though change is what was needed for their race to evolve. Choosing to not tell the council about the tunnel ensured Equality’s victory in becoming an individual because without the tunnel nothing

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