Analysis Of Aylmer, The Murderer In 'The Birthmark' By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Aylmer, the Murderer A murderer, classified as many things. One definition of a murderer, someone who kills another physically, or mentally. Murders happen way more than they should. Almost 44 murders occur just in the United States per day. In the story, “The Birthmark”, by Nathaniel Hawthorne many questions come out about whether Aylmer, Georgiana’s husband could hold the title of a murderer. In Hawthorne’s story, Aylmer makes numerous statements that lead the reader to believe that Aylmer can be labeled as a murderer. In the beginning of the story, Aylmer explains to the reader his love for the beautiful woman he married. As the story goes on the reader learns that the mark grows more irritating to Aylmer every day, and now through Aylmer’s eyes, Georgiana loses her beauty. The mark disturbs Aylmer. In the beginning of the story, after the reader learns that the mark disturbs to Aylmer, he makes a comment to Georgiana about removing the mark upon her cheek, this being the first comment the reader sees Aylmer make about the mark, it does not come off as a threat. Aylmer mentions that the only way to remove said mark would be to have an operation, to where if something went wrong Georgiana will not make it. (Hawthorne) Many comments that Aylmer makes in the story proves that the love he should feel towards Georgiana no longer exist. He says, “you cannot love what shocks you”. (Hawthorne, 1) Basically, Aylmer says here that the mark upon…show more content…
She, kept secluded from the world because Aylmer is too embarrassed to show her off, she also must have interviews with Aylmer about the procedure as just a client, not his loving wife of years. (Karasu) Whenever it comes to science, Aylmer contains no spiritual connection with his clients, including his wife. To change the one tiny imperfection, he will have to change his wife’s entire physical system, yet he is willing to put her through that for his
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