Analysis Of Dr. Martin King's I Have A Dream Speech

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The date August 28, 1963 is a famed day in American history. Thousands of men, women, and children, black and white, came to Washington, D.C. that day but, this was not a normal occasion. These thousands of people marched with the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement to the Lincoln Memorial to hear different speeches from different people. Many people think of the famous I Have A Dream speech by Dr. Martin King Jr when they hear the March on Washington. That was not the only speech spoken on that day. What was said at the March on Washington was impactful to both the black and white population. There were three that deserved recognition and they are: I Have A Dream by Dr. Martin King Jr, “Remarks” by John Lewis, and “Remarks” by Dr. Eugene Carson Blake. These speeches all shared the same messages of freedom for their people and the integration of their country and yet, were very different.…show more content…
Martin L. King Jr is the most well-known speech of the March on Washington. He begins on a lighter note, praising Abraham Lincoln’s accomplishments of the black man. Throughout the speech, there are powerful metaphors used to subtly speak of the African American’s treatment in American history. King was acclaimed for his “way with words” and demonstrates this from the start of the speech. As the speech continues, he starts to become more passionate with his words and they become more powerful to the people. This speech was targeting the black community. It was to assure them that although it may seem they must be patient forever, they will be free soon. I believe it became Martin King 's purpose in life to gain the equality the African Americans deserve. That is exactly what he
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