Insanity In Hamlet Research Paper

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Desiree Kelly
Professor Rampello
Final Paper
December 15th, 2016

Does Hamlet Feign Insanity? Finding out if hamlet really went insane and lost his mind is one of those questions that people can always ask themselves but I feel like he actually did go insane, throughout the play of Hamlet written by William Shakespeare hamlet started to loose his mind, it all started when his mother married his uncle after his uncle killed his father while he was taking a nap while in the garden. In act one after his father 's ghosts came to visit hamlet makes Horatio and Marcellus swear that they will never tell anyone about the ghost or give any indication that they know anything about hamlet losing his mind. Throughout the rest of the play hamlet …show more content…

If Modern psychologists were involved in this, they would definitely see that there is a unstable mentality to Hamlet. With hamlet 's behavior and outburst for his age, you can see that inconsistent actions and speech are signs of emotional and mental distress, but it isn’t clear whether the inconsistency comes from going crazy or from the overwhelming stresses of his circumstances with the death of his father or the fact that he is living with a killer. Towards the last ask in the play when King Claudius is trying to get rid of hamlet he brings laertes back from school and the two of them plot to kill hamlet during a fencing match, Hamlet not knowing the two of them put poison on the fencing stick so when Hamlet was caught with it he would be poisoned and die , but before that the king had the idea while they were fencing to try and make hamlet drink the poison because he was Thursday but queen Gertrude ended up drinking the drink that was for Hamlet but because it was the poison she ended up dying first, after all was said and done at the conclusion of the play Hamlet tells laretes that he is the victim of his own madness, . I’m thinking that after pretending to be crazy he ended up losing his mind him being crazy, right before he died he realize that all of this happen because it was his fault but at the end of the day there was nothing you could do about

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