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After a month or two of analyzing Hamlet and the people around him, I feel like I can conclusively determine he suffers from a mental illness. But the question is what. What mental illness might he suffer from. There are hundreds of different mental disabilities. Each has endless possible ways of linking it back to Hamlet in some way, shape or form. While he did claim to be putting on act and only pretending to be psychotic, part of me strongly believes that someone of 100% mental stability would not be able to pull off a psychotic act without a little mental illness helping lead the charge. I feel it is only fair to diagnose Hamlet with Bipolar Disorder. Online health blog, WebMD, defines Bipolar Disorder as a mental illness that brings severe high and …show more content…

Hamlet thought it was like his destiny to follow this ghost wherever it takes him. I know it sounds stretched, but I feel anyone who has an “urge” to chase down a ghost is clearly suffering from some kind of mental instability. Even Horatio was like “Yeah that’s a very bad idea”, because he was scared the ghost would transform and scare Hamlet off the edge of the cliff and fall to his death or scare him near the water and force him to drown to death. Kalas 3 Another sign Hamlet showed of Bipolar Disorder was the following phrase from Hamlet; “It is not very strange; for my uncle is King of Denmark, and those that would make mouths at him while my father lived give twenty, forty, fifty, a hundred ducats apiece for his picture in little.’Sblood, there is something in this more than natural, if philosophy could find it out” (Hamlet 368). This quote is important because he seemed totally happy talking to his childhood friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern but then he seemed pretty quickly. He began to take severe shots at the people of Denmark by basically calling them fake and suck ups. He says they wouldn’t even give Claudius the time of day when Hamlet was King but as soon as King

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