Analysis Of Motherhood Myth

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Foremost, a question must be asked: what makes a woman a woman? Many years ago, a woman was a soft, gentle creature a man could use as a bearer of children. In fact, that seemed to be all a woman was for, and its even been thought that motherhood is an instinct, a sort of ‘Motherhood Myth’. Though, author Betty Rollins and others like her disagree. “Thanks to the Motherhood Myth,” Betty writes. “The idea that having babies is something that all normal women instinctively want and need and will enjoy doing- they just think they do.” (Rollin, Betty. "Motherhood: Who Needs It?" The Norton Reader. Ed. Linda Peterson and John Brerton. 12th ed. New York: W.w Horton, 2008. 369-377. Print.) According to her and other experts, women don’t need children.

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