Analysis Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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Elise Pratt Ms. McLaughlin English 9 May 3, 2023 Loyalty: The Strength They Need People wonder how important loyalty is in stressful or harmful situations. The book Night is a memoir written by Elie Wiesel about his experience with the Holocaust and his experience in the concentration camps. The Holocaust was a period when European Jews were treated horribly by followers of Adolf Hitler. During the 1930s-40s loyalty was something everyone had to try their best to hold on to whether it was for family, getting used against them, and in this case, possibly backfiring on Wiesel himself. Loyalty is spread all around the concentration camps but is mostly found in father-son relationships. Once all the cattle cars emptied, families got separated. The SS officers held machine guns screaming at the prisoners. Once they got in line a guy up at the front holding a baton started pointing it …show more content…

Dysentery is when you get an infection in your intestines. Wiesel took this as if he needed to take care of his father. He tried bringing him to a doctor but the doctor turned them away. Wiesel was willing to give his father his rations but doing this meant he was not getting the food he needed to survive. Someone noticed and told him "... Don't forget that you are in a concentration camp. In this can't think of others. Not even your father...stop giving your rations.”(110). Wiesel would not listen and could not just not give his father food while he was dying. For the exact next meal Wisel “... ran to get some soup and brought it to my father. But he did not want it." (111). His father knew what he was doing was wrong and he was not worried about himself and never was. He has always been focused on his son and making sure he survives. He knew that Wiesel should be focusing on himself and making sure that he was ok but he never had the heart to tell

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