Does Elie Wiesel Deserve The Holocaust

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Are there holocaust survivors? Elie Wiesel was lucky enough to survive the terrible actions of the holocaust. Wiesel was only 15 when he got sent away to a concentration camp. Elie Wiesel deserves this award because he was able to keep his mental state strong enough to keep himself alive. There’s a number of reasons why he deserves this award but here are a couple. Wiesel was only 15 years old. He hadn’t grown up yet. He was still young. Just imagine being 15, helpless and not knowing why people are doing this to you and what you did to deserve this. He kept his mental state strong enough to get through this horrible experience. There wasn’t much he could do. He just had to stand there, not knowing what he should and shouldn’t do. …show more content…

He deserves this award for his bravery and leadership. Wiesel deserves this award but do others agree? Wiesel is definitely, strong, independent, and brave but others say otherwise. Others will say that Miep deserves this award instead, or maybe Anne Frank or what about Marion. All these people are great people but the greatest of them all os Weisel. Anne Frank was like any other Jew. The only special thing about her is that she wrote entry of her experience. Marion was a little girl when she got sent away, but she didn’t have an amazing story. She was young, she got sent away, she shared her story, but how is she anything compared to Elie Wiesel. Wiesel deserves this compared to anyone because he is a leader, strong, and brave. He has changed this world for the better and that is a true fact. Wiesel was a young 15 year old boy when he got sent away. He was helpless and scared but he fought through that and stayed strong. He is a true leader and he was brave enough to share his story. Others say he doesn’t deserve this award because he not as strong as another person or maybe he's not good enough. Elie Wiesel deserves this award because he strong, an amazing leader, and most of all, he is

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