Analysis Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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This moment in the book provokes feelings of sadness and pity. The Jews had been so packed in these barracks after the marches, that men we piled on top of each other, dead or alive, it became so hard to breathe that many of the men suffocated to death. Elie was one of the men who was buried beneath all of the people. He was trying to get air when he heard the boy beneath him shouting “You’re crushing me… mercy! mercy!”. The boy was the violinist from Buna named Juliek. He revealed to Elie that he had brought his violin with him all this way. This in itself is beautiful, for a young boy to love and cherish something so deeply that he would nearly die for it is deeply moving. Once Elie and the others had fallen asleep, Juliek had crawled out

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