Analysis Of Postpartum Depression In The Yellow Wallpaper

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Analysis between “The Yellow Wallpaper” and Postpartum depression Charlotte Perkins Gilman used her own personal experience with postpartum depression to create the story “The Yellow Wallpaper”. Charlotte suffered from a severe and continuous nervous breakdown, she started seeing a specialist in nervous disorders, the best in the country. The doctor applied the rest cure and put Charlotte to bed, his advice to her was to “live as domestic life as possible”. He concluded that there was nothing much the matter with her. Although in the 1800s, postpartum depression was not medically diagnosed. The story Gilman wrote termed it as “The rest cure”. Postpartum depression is a very diverse illness that affects many women; the story gives readers a very broad perspective on the effect it has on the protagonist, Jane. The story, “The Yellow Wallpaper” tells one woman’s frightening journey into psychosis; also reveals the useful lack of knowledge concerning childbirth in the 1800s. Jane’s father abandoned her and her mother Mary, shortly after Charlotte was born, which caused her to be cared for by her aunts while Jane’s mother was working. As Charlotte got older she developed serious trust issues toward men and struggled in her intimate relationships. After the birth of her only daughter she experienced a…show more content…
Early detection and treatment can help reduce its negative effect on the development of the newborn child. Researchers believe that postpartum depression is one of the most common complications of pregnancy and childbirth today. In some women, postpartum depression is due to physical and hormonal changes. Perhaps in Jane, it is due to circumstantial events surrounding the pregnancy, childbirth and/or child care, also hidden emotions arising after
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