Analysis Of Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson

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Walking down the halls getting dirty looks, after what seems like attending a fun party over the summer when everything goes downhill. Getting raped. Sure enough, this is exactly what happens to the main character, Melinda, in the novel Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. This book was an amazing choice that leaves an impression on the audience to never give up. Throughout this novel, a very important message is relayed to the audience, never give up. Melinda shows a great deal of strength during her freshman year and matures into a confident, young girl ready to succeed in life. Throughout the tough hardships that the main character experiences, it is evident that everyday objects play a vital role in her life because it helps her grow. To start off, certain symbols in the novel such as trees, plants, and seeds play a large role in Melinda’s life. In Melinda's art class, that she absolutely dreads going to, her teacher assigns a year long art piece to the class for drawing trees. She starts off the year by drawing dead trees, trees getting struck by lightning, and trees that have no potential to live. Ultimately, as time passes, Melinda begins to draw trees that were living, thriving, and healthy. Even with her teacher constantly criticizing her artwork can …show more content…

Melinda despises mirrors; as she looks into them, she sees nothing but her flaws and is completely disgusted. The hatred of her image symbolizes her deeper self- dissatisfaction. She covers up her mirrors with anything possible just to prevent seeing herself. However, this all took a turn when she uses the mirror as a weapon in the janitors closet to stand up for herself and fight against her abuser, Andy Evans. After finally defeating Andy Evans’ second attempt for rape, her strength allows her to finally return home and uncover her mirrors. Melinda finally regains control over her

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