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Book report

I've read the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. The book is about the teenage girl Melinda, who has just started Merryweather High. She knew from the beginning that she wouldn't fit in, that she wouldn't be one of the popular girls. Every one hates her after what happened during summer, her previous friends don't want to know nothing about Melinda anymore and the rumours about her aren't so positive either. She will forever be the girl who called the police in the middle of the party and no one bothered to look up the reason behind the call.

My thoughts on the book are a bit cloudy, I'm not sure what to think, I don't like nor do I dislike it. It's just not my kind of book and it didn't really catch me as a reader, but I …show more content…

It was pretty easy to read and the language wasn’t hard at all to …show more content…

I’ll start of with the supporting characters in the book, one word: overdramatic. Drama isn’t always my cup of tea and this book and its characters seem to love it, or that is what I felt sometimes (Maybe I’m the overdramatic one right now).
For example; Melindas ex-bestfriends started ignoring her after she called the police during a party and that is relatively exaggerated to a certain degree, I get that someone would get mad but if you really are bestfriends then it wouldn’t be a problem to try to understand the situation and try to make up.

The teachers weren’t “normal” and that’s how it often is in novels, movies etc, but the art teacher was abnormal in a cool way. He sort of supported her and pushed her into recovery from the traumatizing event she’s been through.
Melinda made a friend in the beginning of the book, Heather, who was extremely talkactive and undoubtedly wanted to climb up the social ladder in high school. Their friendship was nice while it lasted and I think the author described Heather in a good way and you could easily imagine her in real life. And now to the main character, Melinda

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