Analysis Of The Hound Of The Baskerville

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1. author, title, year and topic

"The Hound of the Baskerville" was first published in 1901 in England. The novel is a detective story, with the main protagonists Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. It was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who was a famous writer in the 20th Century. Doyle is commonly known for the characters he created. The names Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are known all around the world. At one point in his carrier Doyle was weary of his own character. He then wrote the last novel with his protagonist Sherlock Holmes and after this he even contested a seat in the British Parliament.

2. genre

"The Hound of the Baskerville" is a fictional novel with the subgenre mystery . A man named Dr. James Mortimer shows up at
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Sherlock Holmes: a detective who is the second protagonist of the novel next to Dr. John Watson. He is known for his intelligence and his ability to combine things very fast and accurate. Furthermore Holmes is known for being very interested in his crimes and being less interested in his clients or the victims of the crimes he is investigating. Nevertheless he always helps Watson if he is in trouble.
John Watson: the main protagonist of the novel as well as the narrator of it. He used to be a soldier but ended his carrier and joined the work of Sherlock Holmes as his assistant. Both of them are the protagonists of every Sherlock Holmes novel. Watson is sometimes used by Holmes to do the job on his own. In the end Holmes never let him do this because he always was behind Watson to look after him. Holmes and Watson do not say so themselves but they are very close friends.

4. setting

The setting of "The Hound of the Baskerville" is London and Devonshire where the Baskerville manor is, in 1889. The year is never said but you can figure it out at the beginning of the book when Holmes looks at the walking stick of James Mortimer. It says 1884 and it was engraved 5 years before the novel takes place. Therefore the exact year must be
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A man named James Mortimer wants Holmes to investigate a crime which took place in Devonshire in which a man called Sir Charles Baskerville was killed by a "Hound". It is an old legend that a mysterious hound will chase the Baskerville family. Mortimer does not believe it and wants Holmes to investigate the crime as well as save the nephew of Charles Baskerville, Henry Baskerville who inherited the Baskerville manor from Charles Baskerville. Holmes accepts and helps to find the culprit. Holmes sends Watson to Devonshire and tells him to investigate and do the groundwork of their investigation until Holmes arrives too. Over the next days Watson seems to realize that this is a difficult task to do but he still continues. Meanwhile without Watson knowing Holmes arrives in Devonshire and investigates on his own. They meet different people. They meet a person named Jack Stapleton who is a relative of the Baskervilles. He wants to claim his right to the Baskerville hall and therefore he is also willing to kill someone. He is also the antagonist of the novel. In the end Holmes and Watson are able to trick Stapleton into a trap Holmes set up and they are able to rescue Henry Baskerville before Stapleton is able to kill him as well, like he did with Charles
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