Analyze The Economic And Environmental Effects Of The Columbian Exchange

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The emergence of interactions between the Old World and the New World began with the European exploration of the Americas. The patterns of interactions between the two worlds, as depicted on the map, resulted from the Columbian Exchange and The Atlantic World. The Columbian Exchange was an environmental transfer of living things. This was similar to the Atlantic World consisted of exchanges in culture and economics between Europe, Africa and the Americas. The development of the Atlantic World was due to the immediate relationship between its causes and effects, because the search of a new market for Europeans led directly to economic and cultural clashes in the Atlantic World. The environmental changes of the Columbian Exchange opened the door to the more sophisticated interactions of the Atlantic World. The Columbian exchange was a transfer of living things between the old and new worlds, which included diseases, plants and humans. Africans were brought to the Americas through the Middle Passage, and various foods were shared. As soon as the Columbian Exchange began, all the conditions for the Atlantic World’s development were set up. This was because the Exchange gave an understanding on how to exploit …show more content…

The system of Mercantilism required a country to acquire raw materials for their economy, on their own. Therefore, European countries looked to the Americas and Africa as a new source of trade and income. This led to the development of the Atlantic World, where every continent was dependant on the other for offering and manufacturing specific goods. Raw materials from Africa and the Americas were sent to Europe to be manufactured and were then sold back to the places where they originally came from. While this was a mutually beneficial trade system, it led to economic and cultural clashes among different

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