And Then There Were None Persuasive Essay

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Ashlee Moralez Journal 2 And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie Page 100 247 Pages

Journal #2
In the novel And Then There Were None I believe the characters were on a search for three major things. The characters were all extoled in the community, and when they received the letter to go to Soldier Island they did not think too deep into it. However, when the characters all showed up at the dock together they all were a little craven. The residents get put into more jeopardy than they could have ever imagined. They were looking to see if the accusations against them were true, why who was dying, and what the ending will turn put to be.
The first thing I believe they are searching for is if the accusations put against them are even true. Every character in this novel has been accused by an anonymous voice coming from a record player that they all have committed murder. Some characters admit to what they have done and others consistently deny the …show more content…

They are noticing the childhood poem with the soldiers but do not know why each person is dying. “You’d never think that he would kill himself. He was so alive. He was oh- enjoying himself! When he came down the hill in his car this evening he looked- he looked- oh I can’t explain!” (Christie 63). The man who “committed suicide” was very wealthy and seemed well of, and there was no logical reason for him to off himself. Another person who had passed was a woman who had been hired for the island. Everyone always assumed the woman was just always nervous, and did not know why she of all people died. I am thinking the people who die first are the people who seem the least likely to die. With the male resident people said he did not seem the type to kill himself, and with the woman she worked at the island with her husband. These characters dying and the evidence “against” them made me fathom this

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