Andrew Carnegie's Legacy

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Summary Andrew Carnegie's steel empire started in eighteen seventy and ended in nine teen o seven because He sold it for millions of dollars, and it made him one of the most successful men then. when he entered the steel business he became a dominate force to other companies and people, and later sold it for four hundred eighty million dollars, making him one of the most successful men then had the most successful philanthropist too. Andrew Carnegie expanded railroad investments and found the steel empire. He was a very successful man in the industry. Exploration Andrew Carnegie was just a little boy when he moved to the USA. Andrew Carnegie moved to Allegheny, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh. In Pittsburgh the Carnegie family had…show more content…
He was promoted to the telegraph operator. He finally went to a Pennsylvania railroad worker. He was later promoted to superintendent only at the age twenty four which is really good at his age. he had amazing skills with the job and working with steel. Andrew carnegie's boss invested Andrew into ten shares of the Adam express company. To buy the stocks Margaret Carnegie got five hundred dollars from their house’s mortgage to buy the stocks.When working on the railroad many people and companies came to him to buy their stocks, theodore woodruff came to him offering a share in the sleeping car company. He ultimately bought the company leading to the first sleeping car on the railroad in the united states. When he was thirty he had business interests in iron works, steamers, railroads, and oil wells. Andrew Carnegie was frequently involved in steel production. He later built the Carnegie steel company, also known as the U.S.S united states steel. He later made the Carnegie Steel Company the biggest Steel manufacturing company in the…show more content…
buying and selling stocks were a big thing back then because they could make more money than they put in. so they had enough money to start something like Andrew Carnegie did. Lots of people wanted him to buy their company or to invest in it to make it become more popular for money and to expand their company and share it with other people. he bought, sold and invested in lots of companies and that's how he became very big.he sold Carnegie steel for four hundred eighty million dollars and that made him the richest man in the work then and it leads him to be the most successful philanthropist too. He donated money to businesses, charities people and a lot more. He did that to help people make themselves useful in life and to think of something to do and to start somewhere. He was a very helping man and very kind Conclusion Andrew Carnegie was a great man that made the USS, united states steel. He started out by working at a very young age as a bobbin boy to a multimillionaire, and a very successful businessman. He worked at the Pennsylvania railroad when he was twenty four and got promoted and worked the railroad, and then started the USS. He later then sold it for four hundred eighty million, and became a donor to other companies and a
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