Animal Rights And Social Experiment: Immanuel Kant

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Social Experiment #2

For this experiment I have chosen the issue of animal rights. Many sociologists, philosophers and writers state that there is an indisputable link between ethical attitude to animals and fundamental moral values. David A. Nibert points out in his article that, “Immanuel Kant … recognized the relationship between people 's callous treatment of animals and their treatment of each other” (1994, p. 115). Probably, someone would ask me, “What are you talking about? Nowadays we face many severe problems: drugs, wars, diseases, child abuse, and environmental pollution. Is the issue of animal rights so important to you?” I will answer affirmatively, because, undoubtedly, our attitude toward animals is a reflection of our moral qualities.
Since there are many arguments for and against animal rights, I decided to interview Brian, one of my friends. He is a carnivore and passionate about hunting and fishing. My sister Julia was asked to participate in the discussion as his opponent. She is an active animal rights proponent, supports animal shelters, and promotes a vegan lifestyle. My interview was based on a very simple technique. I explained the participants that I would like them to discuss a few quotations and express their attitudes, thoughts, agreement or disagreement with the statement. The first quote is attributed to Abraham Lincoln, “I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being”. The idea of animal

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