Anne Bradstreet Compare And Contrast

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Is there a real God that can be loving or hateful? Is there a God after all? Hearing so many unanswered questions about God. To tell a lot of stuff about God is forced on everyone. A Preacher named Jonathan Edwards wrote a sermon about all of the people that walk on this earth are sinners and are going to hell. A women named Anne Bradstreet let her homesick imagination store of learning, for the glory of God and for the expression of an inquiring mind and sensitive. Now is there a God that is presented in Jonathan Edwards and Anne Bradstreet work? For these two authors, they were working on the same base as a Puritanism, for the intended messages.
There are so many differences between Jonathan Edwards and Anne Bradstreet even though their beliefs are the same like they must be obedient …show more content…

Throughout his sermon, Edwards talks endlessly about how God shows mercy to all of humanity in the deepest depths of hell by the earth itself. As Edwards said in his sermon, “You have offended him infinitely more than ever a stubborn rebel did his prince; and yet it is nothing but his hand that holds you from falling into the fire every moment” (55-57). In Edwards opinion they were sinning against God with no way to change in hope of salvation. He tells his followers that God already chosen a path for all toward to hell instead of heaven. In “To My Dear Loving Husband.” In words of Bradstreet, “If ever two were one then surely we,” reminds us of the story Adam and Eve (1). In Genesis the first book of the Bible, God creates Eve from Adam’s rib, and they are describe as “one flesh” in Chapter 2, Verse 24. Bradstreet believes that her relationship with her husband can be like Adam and Eve’s. In “Upon the Burning of Our House,” Bradstreet believes God controls what happens to people. According to the text; Bradstreet lost her house because God had the right to take it away from

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