Ap Cummings I Fear Literary Devices

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• Summarize the poem by stanza. If your poem does not have stanzas, divide it into sections where it would make sense. Also, you may have to use a dictionary to understand the meanings of some words or do research for historical context. -Stanza one, we understand that figuratively the speakers lover are always near. The speakers feels it at all times, saying that he carriers her heart. No matter where he goes or what he does, his lover's presence is always near and has a big influence over his feelings and actions. The speaker says, "i fear" as a form of a solitary anxiety, but fear is something that his lover can make it go away, she is his fate. The speaker does not want anything outside the world that his lover symbolizes. She is his world; the speaker says that, no matter what that moon has always …show more content…

• Identify any literary devices (symbolism, allusions, or metaphors/similes). - In the poem E.E. Cummings uses a lot of symbolism, throughout the entire poem the speaker is figuratively carrying around his lover’s heart, it shows unity between the two lovers, and Cummings starts and ends the Poem with almost the same line, showing from the begging to the end, the speakers love for his lover. - E.E. Cummings also refers in the last stanza to a tree of life, from a root grows larger than a soul or a mind. Roots and buds are symbolic to the start of life, and since the tree is higher than our souls and mind, it is referring back to the speakers love for his lover something not contained in this world, that branches out. - Cummings also compares her beauty using imagery to the moon and sun using

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