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In a time in European history, there was an era from the 5th to the 15th century known as the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages can often be referred to as the “Medieval period”, where buildings looked gloomy as they were made from gray cobblestone, and mankind was still in any idea of innovation, as they had no inspiration. Then during the 14th century, philosophy, art, and music were made exclusive, and became to some degree inspirational. Little did anyone know that was the beginning of a new era known as the Renaissance. Which was slowly but surely building a bridge which would lead the Middle Ages to the Modern Era. The small adaptations to traditions was the small drop of encouragement the world needed. When that muse came, a big change in mankind’s view of the world was just getting started. The purpose of this essay is to inform you on how the Renaissance changed man’s view of the world.
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Such as the way people thought the layout of the universe was. There were two different ways it was assumed to look either in the favor of Ptolemy or Copernicus. “He developed a theory of the universe that was adopted by most scholars” (Doc C). The difference in scientific information from the Renaissance to the Middle Ages verified how statistics has developed throughout time. Roman astronomer, Ptolemy, developed a geocentric (Earth-centered) model of the universe which was believed to be true by most scholars (Doc C). In the 1500’s, Nicolaus Copernicus, developed a different layout of the universe and created the heliocentric model, where the Sun was the center (Doc C). Although Ptolemy’s layout was more detailed, Copernicus’ model was more accurate than Ptolemy’s. With the advancements in science, Andreas Vesalius dissected human corpses to better explain the human body (Doc

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