Renaissance Dbq Essay

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The Renaissance was a period in time where everything started to change after the middle ages. During this historical period humans stared evolving by becoming smarter and inventing useful recourses that have changed the world. The renaissance was a life changing period which brought more joy to the world after conquering the dark ages. The Renaissance changed man’s view on the world by using Art, Science and Literature to make humans brighter and because of the rapid information they were gaining. Art during the Renaissance grew rapidly because of Leonardo Da Vici, and Michelangelo who changed the way people painted and drew by creating strategies which made art more interesting. Art during the middle ages was very dull, 2 dimensional, …show more content…

The middle ages brought very few books because the monks would spend month’s hand writing copies of religious writings which made the books immensely expensive. Document B states that “Man think sin in the beginning full sweet, which in the end causeth thy soul to weep, when the body lieth in clay” (Doc B) that means that if you were to commit a sin it will catch up to you in the future and you will have to pay the price. That quote basically sums up the thought on how the middle ages worked. The difference on how literature changed the way man thought during the renaissance was because people realized they didn’t have to always right about religion, they were open to write about anything they wanted to which made them smarter and important. Science during the renaissance played a big impact on how people looked at the universe and the environment we live in. During the Middle Ages a Roman Astronomer named Ptolemy came up with the theory that all surrounding planets orbited around the Earth. Advancement in telescopes and technology helped Copernicus during the renaissance create a more logical and accurate theory which stated how the sun is in the middle of our universe and all planets orbited the sun. This changed the way man thought because it realized how small Earth is compared to the rest of the solar system and how we may not be

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