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After the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 CE, it led into the Middle Ages. Commonly referred as the Dark Age, Europe was in a time of reformation. Many have used the “Dark Age” as a synonym for the Middle Ages, due to the lack of education and unethical actions that occurred during 500 CE to 1500 CE. The Middle Ages weren’t so dark as it seemed, it was a duration of reconstruction, acquired learning, agricultural boom, technology improvements and architecture. Through all the struggles in the Medieval period, technology enhanced which made farming easier for peasants. The adoption of the heavy plow made farming efficient and profitable for everyone. With farming becoming easy it helped the economy grow and become steady. Development made food supply rise, “Technology improvements like the heavy plow, the shoulder collar for the horses, metal horseshoes, and more efficient water and windmills contributed to the jump in the food supply.” (Document B). Heavy plow wasn’t the only technology item they had back then to help produce a …show more content…

Approximately 1088 CE the first ever university was invented by Medieval man, the University of Bologna. Many years after the University of Bologna was founded, ten more universities were established. A new form of education was brought in which ended up taking over, “universities introduced a new system of education, eventually replacing the monastery and church schools.” (Document F). The quote represents and shows that education started to become more proposed to society, but it was not deemed a necessity to everyone. Even monks were offered education. A monk by the name Richer was given the chance to study along with Heribrand, a scholarly man. Richer got to learn basics to extend his knowledge, “I learned the ordinary symptoms of diseases and picked up a surface knowledge of ailments.” (Document E). Education was bigger in the “Dark Ages” then

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