Middle Colonies In The 1600s

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We Americans now depend on most electronics to go about our lives. We use electronics to communicate, find information, socialize, and now to do homework. Back in the day before the United States were born people like Ben Franklin and others were creating these wonderful inventions to help easy the life of colonial people. The Middle Colonies needed a plow to fasten the process of farming crops. The virus smallpox started an epidemic and a vaccine would help lower the risk of people getting the disease. School in the Middle Colonies were they taught kids how to read, write, and math. The Middle colonies in the 1600’s to early 1700’s were known as “breadbasket” colonies making flour, rye, and wheat and having many factories. These colonies had the most fertile soil of all the colonies which made it very easy to plant most crops. If the farmers had a steel plow to help them do their daily farm work it would be much faster and ease the work. A steel plow would help the farmer plant and clear field faster than doing it all by hand. This steel plow would help clear and plant seed faster. Smallpox was an epidemic that thrived in Great Britain during the middle ages. This disease killed killed 90% of the people who got the disease in Massachusetts in the 1617. To lower the chances from colonist from …show more content…

New Jersey was the colony with more than college which could help out the the new colonist. Sadly all of them we very overpriced that only very fortunate kids could go there and many kids who could not afford just did not learn about anything. If the Middle colonies had just one prestigious school that allowed the less fortunate kids to learn how to read and write. Sooner or later the other colonies are going to test it out and see for themselves. Once they realize that it makes a difference in their daily lives it will start to form into one big project that make school what it is in

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