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Kate Foley
Ms. Zisel
Global 9H
April 2nd, 2017

The Middle Ages was a time of destruction and redemption for the people of the Roman Empire between A.D. 500-1400. The best description of this time period can be represented by four terms, the Golden Age, the Dark Age, the Age of Faith and the Age of Feudalism. Each time caused for a significant change in society that had a tremendous impact. From the troubling times of invasions and destructions to a time of prosperity and progression, the best terms that describe the Middle Ages are the Dark Ages and the Golden Ages.
The Dark Ages fully represents the Middle Ages due to the fact that this time was filled with destruction that nearly caused the decline of the empire. To start, the Dark Ages …show more content…

Firstly, the Golden Ages contributed many aspects that greatly influenced future times. According to an excerpt from Gray C. Boyce [Document 6], even through the darkest of times Europe seemed to be always advancing and contributing innovative ideas. As trade increased, so did the ideas that generated stronger civilizations throughout Europe. Therefore, this document supports the Golden Age because it states that this period of time “later transmitted to later ages great riches”, this means that the achievements made later influenced future societies in a successful way. Due to these advancements, Europe had developed an edge upon other civilizations. According to H. C. Davis’s description of the positive aspects of the middle ages [Document 7], the culture wasn't perfect but in the long run it served as a great influence to other countries. They thought highly of education which is why they took the time to study and flourish in topics, such as philosophy and law. New thoughts formed from the translated works of Aristotle which contributed to Europe's Medieval Universities. All in all, topics grew and became more elaborate over time which strengthened society. Finally, as topics advanced and became more intricate it wasn’t long until they opened a center of learning. According to J. Dahmus’, A History of the Middle Ages (Document 12), a widespread curriculum of Science, Mathematics, Astronomy and other essential topics were offered at the Medieval University. Throughout this time they didn't stop there, architectural advancements and beautiful designs were generated to represent buildings in their societies to show their importance, especially Catholic Churches. Thus, topics which formed in the Golden Age caused for great advancements and techniques used in modern day

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