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The Middle Ages were a time where kings and nobles owned the land and serfs worked with little pay. Serfs were like slaves that worked on a farm (Doc. 1). They got one day to farm for themselves and the other six they were working for their king or noble (OI). Nobles and kings had knights called vassals (OI). Vassals were knights who protected and served kings and nobles in exchange for land (OI). These relationships were called feudalism (Doc. 1). Feudalism and the Church greatly contributed to the social, economic, and political life in Europe in the Middle Ages. “Feudalism was a political, economic, and social system which included kings, nobles, knights, and serfs (Doc. 1).” Every position or status had a job that benefitted another ranking (Doc. 1). For example, a king grants land to nobles, nobles granted land to knights, and knights grant land to serfs (Doc. 1). The serfs probably worked the hardest providing food and services when demanded (Doc. 1). They only got one day a week to farm for themselves (Doc. 2). Knights had to provide protection and military service to nobles. They also had to provide a place to stay if their noble visited (OI). Lastly, nobles were expected to provide money and knights to the king (Doc. 1). As you can see, being a king was a dream come true but being a serf was a nightmare. …show more content…

2).” Serfs had no choice and had to work long hours (Doc. 2). They farmed for their lord and had to pay high rent when using the lord’s land (Doc. 2). There was no alternative because if they moved out, invaders would surely attack and steal (OI). Not all serfs farmed though (OI). Some made pottery, blankets, or even jewelry (OI). Once feudalism began to decrease, serfs or peasants traveled on the silk road and traded (OI). They brought back goods from other countries which helped them become less isolated (OI). As a matter of fact, serfs lives got easier as time moved on

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