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In the Middle Ages, the power of people impacted the society, because of the Feudal System. In other words, the rankings of people. There were four groups. The Kings and Queens were at the top, then the nobles, the knights, and last peasants and serfs(Doc. 1). Serfs and peasants had very little land given and they even had to provide food that they farmed for the knights and nobles. Why did the social, economic, and political life impact Europe so much in the Middle Ages. To start off, in the Middle Ages, people’s social lives were greatly influenced by their ranking in the feudal system. The feudal system greatly impacted how people could get jobs. Nobles were granted land from the Kings and they started their own little manor. The nobles would give knights land as long as they would go to battle with the noble. And last, serfs and peasants would get very little land to farm and grow crops to feed themselves, knights, and nobles (Doc. 1). Another influence on the social life of the people was the Church. As the Church kept on getting bigger, so did the power. According to the people of the Roman Catholic Church, the apostle Peter was the first ever Pope(OI). This influenced more and more people because the Church was …show more content…

If the knights broke a law and was found guilty, there shield would be broken into two and their sword was cracked over their head and then they held a funeral at a church. Not to mention, without the government, there would be no feudalism. In the Code of Chivalry, Knights had to live in a gentleman-warrior code of Chivalry.(Doc. 5) Feudalism was such a big part of the society that it shaped lots of history in the Middle Ages. In addition, lords were not the only people that could grant land. Likewise, nobles gave land to Knights who gave land to sefs and that it how it worked. That is why the Feudalism was so big in the Middle

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