Age Of Faith And The Middle Ages Dbq

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Rome was very significant because it controlled most of Europe and it also had a lot of european culture. Rome fell after the rulers that came in the next century, didn’t know how to deal with Rome’s growing problems and it’s giant empire, therefore Rome began to fall. There were many contributions to the fall of Rome. For example, trade was disrupted, there was limited space and they began to lack new sources of gold and silver. Some people may argue that the Age Of Faith and The Dark Ages are the best labels to describe the era between 500 and 1500 in Europe. The best label to describe this time period is The Age Of Feudalism because the documents show what it was, how it began and how it helped. Some people would argue that Middle Ages could be labeled The Age Of Faith due to the fact that, that’s what the Middle Ages in Europe was mostly about. The church had a very big …show more content…

Feudalism is a system of governing and landholding. Nobles were able to use land that belonged to the king and in return, the nobles pledged their loyalty and military services to them ( doc 1 ). The feudal system was based on rights and obligations. The manor was the economic side of the feudal system. The manor was a system where the lord’s lands was taken care of by his serfs ( doc 2 ). The manor system was based on rights and obligations between a lord and his serfs. When the killing spree in London, Quentavic and Rochester happened the feudal system helped put everything back into order ( doc 8 ). This helped govern areas and it gave control over different regions. In exchange for military protection and other services, a lord granted land to a vassal. Then the vassal was to protect the lord from invasions and other attacks. The barbarians attacked Europe and took over & destroyed everything ( doc 7 ). With the feudal system lords were able to receive protection just from giving them

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