Middle Ages Dbq Essay

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The Medieval Ages were a time where many things like romance, art, music, poetry, disease and death all thrived. Everyone in this time period had a different point of view on it. Some thought it was a golden age, some thought it was an age of feudalism, and some also thought it was a dark age. Yes, this time may have had its ups, but it also had many, many downs. Its darkest times consisted of Barbarian invasions, death, and wars. “They have killed and captured many, and have destroyed the churches and devastated the Empire” (Document 9.) At this time places like the Byzantine Empire was facing attacks and invasions. In the Byzantine Empire barbarians were taking over the south. They would take land that belonged to knights and vassals, burn churches, and cause people to flee as fast at they could. At this time the churches were taking charge in leadership. This makes the barbarians burning villages into a problem. People now have no one to look to for help. Worried and lost, people were forced to take cover in the mountains. …show more content…

These barbarians were also a main cause of the spread of the plague. The plague caused a drastic fall in populations. The plague caused death to overcome someone in less than 3 days. This inhumane disease would cause black and yellow puss-filled lumps to appear, an itching sensation all over, and an excessive amount of blood to be coughed up. With many people ill and locked up in their homes it left an open opportunity for criminal acts. The church was forced to make set days for peace since it was becoming uncommon. On these days “No one may commit murder, arson, robbery, or assault, no one may injure another with a sword, club, or any kind of weapon” (Document

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