Middle Ages Vs Dark Ages Essay

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With the fall of the great Roman Empire the world saw the end of civilization. With the dark ages the rural way of life takes over, education, trade, urbanization all start to decline, and Christianity spreads throughout Europe. As time progress the rise of the high Middle Ages starts to take over and civilization reclaims the land. Population education, agriculture, and commerce expand in the Gothic Era. In contrast to the prosperous high Middle Ages the late Middle Ages saw the return of a time similar to the dark ages. Climate change, depression, revolts, war, famine, and the plague created a dark time for Europe. While in Italy the renaissance blossomed and Italy became a different sort of civilization. It is important to analyze all of the aspects of the Middle Ages in order to better understand the time period and how it has affected the modern world.
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While Rome stood for civilization, its downfall allowed for the rural way of life to take over. According to Georges Duby, entire countries existed without towns. There we a few exceptions such as old Roman cities that withstood the fall of the Roman Empire, the small towns along trade routes, and a few scattered towns that no more than a few hundred people called home. No matter how rich or powerful a member of society was they were a part of country life. Almost all people's’ lives were dictated by the agricultural seasons. Despite the fact that most of the population lived in rural areas people were not isolated. The village was the backbone of daily life. Agriculture was the main way people supported themselves. The development of agricultural practices such as fertilization allowed for large amounts of crop to be produced. Despite this fact the landscape surrounding the village and farmland was prosperous and the people took advantage of the wildlife that lived

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